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Controlling Home Lighting With A Raspberry Pi And Your Mind - January 9th, 2014

It’s taken a little time and effort, but I’ve finally gotten my Emotiv EEG Headset communicating with my home automation solution. Yes folks, I can turn my porch light on with my mind. *Waves hands magically over my forehead* Although it certainly needs some repackaging, this has been quite a bit of fun doing. I see several possibilities for it and hope to adapt it down the road.

Here is the outcome:

My setup uses the following equipment: Emotiv Epoc EEG headset with USB Bluetooth dongle, Emotiv SDK, Raspberry Pi, RaZberry Z-Wave GPIO Daughterboard, RaZberry Z-Way Software, Intermatic HA05C Home Settings Screw In Module, my laptop, and my wireless home network.

Here is my communication flow:

Headset Flow

I’ve included my Java application code out on Github for anyone to take a look at. It includes Apache’s HttpClient library under the Apache 2.0 license for doing post requests. The software was written and modified within the Eclipse IDE. Parts of the script are from Emotiv’s EmoStateLog example that they provided with the SDK. It’s missing the library that Emotiv includes the SDK for communicating with the web set. If you’re interested, try out their SDK Lite and if you’re really interested purchase the full SDK to get access to that library.

Some good resources include the Z-Wave Razberry site, which includes documentation the specs for their Z-Wave hardware and software. And of course I suggest you hop over to Emotiv and explore some of the cool things people are doing with EEG technology.

The frontier of brain-controlled devices is upon us! Let the magic begin!

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