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Revenge of the PC

I don’t know about you guys, but there is something about those Mac commercials that seriously pisses me off. When it comes to PC or Apple, I uncommonly ride the fence in most occasions. I think Macs are pretty in their design. I like the general stability of hardware and software. It’s nice that a Mac makes it so easy to calibrate color between the monitor and printer for photography people like myself. This certainly doesn’t make it superior to a PC though.

What bothers me most about the commercials is the arrogant ignorance that is displayed. Take the commercial where the PC is fading in and out, because it has a virus. Apple presents itself as if it is some sort of virus-free system that is infallible. Sure, a Windows-based system is more susceptible to viruses, but that’s because most people don’t exploit the Mac OS and write viruses for the system. The general reason for this is because PCs are more popular world-wide, not because Macs are impervious to viruses. Since more people use PCs, hackers target the larger population of users. Check out this article.

Another thing that bothers me is that the commercials don’t seperate the Windows operating system from a PC. You can put Linux on a PC (like a Mac) and have quite a different experience. I haven’t had any problems with viruses on my Ubuntu (PC) laptop.

PCs are an easy market to attack too, because they are generally pretty generic. Only Apple makes Macintoshes, while PCs are manufactured by several different companies. My PC I put together myself. My motherboard is made by Gigabyte, My RAM is designed by Corsair, while my processor is manufactured by Intel. The same is true with a store-bought Dell. So are they attacking every little individual piece that goes to make up my system? Apple even dropped Motorola as a processor manufacturer for Intel, whose original market is PC-based. Heck, a Macintosh is a PC (Personal Computer).

There are good reasons why people buy PCs. Here are my reasons why I am a PC owner.

1. More customizable – It’s easier to change parts or build a new one for a lot less money than buying a Mac. You can even find a case as pretty as a Mac’s to put your PC components in.

2. Does too much of the thinking for you – This is more a personal qualm than anything. I’ve spent hours in iMovie editing video, because it would automatically make changes without me telling to do it. The interfaces that I’ve used are typically simplified, and limited in control. Everything feels somewhat dumbed-down.

3. Does everything a Mac prides itself in – You can still run Photoshop on a PC and all the tools offered on a Mac are available on a PC in one form or another.

4. PCs are less expensive

After looking at this list, I’m wondering what really makes a Mac better than a PC. I like Macs, but I still can’t stand the arrogance or the cult that is Mac.

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