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Month: June 2007

Heroes Are Universal

Frontline on PBS had a special tonight that focused on events and issues around the world. One of the news items that I found of interest was the Arabic comic book The 99. Each of the characters are based upon the 99 traits of Allah. Currently, in the Muslim world this comic book is outselling the X-Men and other American titles. When interviewed, the creator of the comic book said that Muslim youth need new heroes.

As a comic book lover I think it’s great to see it’s world-wide acceptance as a genre. It’s also really interesting to see what other nations are doing with it. Cool concept. Although, I’m not Muslim, I might just have to find a copy.

That had some other interesting item, like in Africa they are using rats to detect land mines. I love Frontline!

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Not Bored, Board

Ma' Board

At school I think that I’m going to bring Mr. Computer Man back to life, by inserting some new characters on the scene. That’s Ma’ Board up at the top. Did I ever tell anyone that I love Adobe Illustrator? I just think it’s impressive that I quite possibly made a motherboard look cute and cudley. I think the power supply is going to have dreds and the DVD Writer will be sticking his tongue out.

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