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Month: January 2008

Intro for Rio

I have some very good news. I’ve been hired on as webmaster for University of Rio Grande. The group that I’m working seems like a good group of individuals who have been very supportive with the transition. My thanks to Mike Thompson and Mike Snider for helping me find a place to live. I also thank those that were part of the hiring process for bringing me on board. I’m really excited about what the future holds.

I have my Rio Grande personal page, pulling from my blog feed, so that I can just write on my blog and the content is visible on that personal page. This being done by using a handy RSS parsing class called lastRSS.

The image part of the personal page is pulling from my Flickr feed, using a class that I had written for a personal photo site.

I’m hoping to use my personal page to present research, projects and imagery related to web design and development and the University of Rio Grande.