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Month: April 2013

Changing Your WordPress Theme Using XML-RPC, Part III

This post is a follow-up to the previous postings discussing how to allow WordPress to change themes using XML-RPC. Part I and Part II talk about the creation of a WordPress plugin, so that we can enable these calls. This post is intended to focus on the creation of a client, to communicate with WordPress. In this case I have chosen the Android mobile platform, mainly because I own an Android device and it is fairly straightforward and less expensive to create and test. Forget paying a hundred dollars a year for a developer’s license.

I’ve posted a walkthrough of the app on Youtube:

This app uses the android-xmlrpc Android Java library to easily create XML-RPC calls. Demonstrations on how to use this library can be found in this Codeforest article. This article also helped get me started with building a Android XML-RPC client application, although it does not focus specifically on WordPress.

The WordPress plugin that I created in the last two articles can be found on my Github account, as well as this client for your perusing. If you have any questions, shoot me a comment and I’ll try to respond in a timely fashion.

All code was written using the Eclipse IDE, which offered a good set of training wheels for Java beginner like me.

This app is not quite ready for production. If you choose to compile and use this app on your own, it is preferred that you do this with a WordPress site with an SSL certificate. I bear no responsibility for your site getting hacked because of a man-in-the-middle attack. Be safe and be smart.

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