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A Little TLC

Today, I decided to give my blog a little TLC.  It’s been sitting and collecting dust in the netherworld of cyberspace for some time now and certain people would agree that it’s time for me to start writing again (thanks Cara).  To signal this change I finally upgraded my slightly outdated version to the new 2.6.5 that I am really starting to enjoy using.  It has several nice features to it and cleaner look and feel.

One of the benefits of updating to the new version is the ability to post to my blog from my iPhone.  WordPress offers some simple setup tips here for those people like me who may have created their own template to use within the WordPress system.  A snag that I ran into when getting the iPhone app to communicate via XML-RPC involved some of the plugins that I had installed for WordPress.  Either Bad-Behavior or Akismet were preventing my phone from making remote procedure calls to WordPress.  Both of these plugins are used to prevent comment spam and have done a great job of it so far, but in this case they were interfering.  Once I updated these plugins I was able to go on with business as usual.  My iPhone app now interfaces nicely with my blog.

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  1. Charlie Charlie

    Good to see you updating again!

  2. Hey Charlie! How is the family?

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