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Rolling With the Google Glass GDK and My Ariadne App

My first Google Glass app is now pretty close to production. It’s not novel, but it fills a hole that Glass does not support. I named it Ariadne after the heroine of Greek myth.

The app allows a user to store one Live card on their timeline with their current geolocation. You may add a more detailed description using voice dictation. And that location is stored on a that live card, so that it’s not just displaying latitude and longitude. Then the user may later reference the card to give walking directions back to the location stored.

It’s an app for people like me who get lost in parking lots. The tag line is “Helpful for those that forgot where they parked their car or are navigating labyrinths”.

My app can be found on Github, if you are interested in checking it out. I give a demo of the app and walkthrough of the code in the video above.

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